Posted by Dave Quinn

Hello all, our sermon is now online. The title was “Being a Jesus focused Christian”.

Today we looked at three passages about being Christ focused Christians. We saw many truths about Christ – who He is and what He has done.

From John 1 we saw…

  • Jesus is the eternal expression of God
  • Jesus is the creator and sustainer of the world
  • Jesus is the light who came into the world to save us

From Colossians 1 we saw…

  • Jesus is the visible image of the invisible God
  • Jesus is the creator of all things seen and unseen
  • Jesus is the head of the church

From Hebrews 7 we saw…

  • Jesus is our great eternal high priest
  • Jesus saved us and ever lives to intercede for us

So, let us be Christ focused Christians. Let us be a Christ focused church.

You can find the full text here, or the audio here.