Posted by Dave Quinn

As we are approaching the end of 2017, I thought I would share some reflections in our newsletter from my perspective on how this year has gone at church.

Bruce Rock Church of Christ has been going really well this year. In fact, I would call it a great year! On a Sunday morning our attendance has been really good. We usually have between 25 and 42 each Sunday and in the last month we have been averaging 36. According to church sizes worldwide, this takes us into a medium sized church in our context!

As this year is my first full year as Pastor I have focused a lot on Bible teaching. The overall focus has been “Living wholeheartedly for Christ” and our messages have flowed from that thought. We have done a series on Living for the Kingdom, Our roles in church and the books of 1 John, James and recently Philippians. Our messages flow through to our website which has had over 20,000 visitors in the last year!

Our three main groups that meet during the week are also going really well. Our craft group where the ladies meet for fellowship and share their love of all things craft is continuing to do great things. Our KYB group has been brilliant. Our current study on the Holy Spirit has been reminding us that the Holy Spirit has always been front and centre in all God does in our lives, in the church and in the world. Our final group is the Over 12s Bible study each week. We have had a lot of fun looking at the previous weeks sermon in a Bible study. We also talked about life, drunk Milo, eaten too many Tim Tams and played table tennis. Last year we had four members, now we have six including myself! Add to this we also have had people step up and join the music team as worship leaders and backing singers too.

On top of all this we have had our usual impact on the local community. We have had members involved in the Men’s Shed, members visiting and encouraging people at the hospital and nursing home, members playing golf and bowls with other people in town, and our CRE team has been teaching Scripture to the kids at school.

At the moment we are getting ready for our Christmas Carols service. Last year we had a full house and we all had a great time. I got lots of positive feedback from church members and members of the community last year. This year it will be held in the Shire Office, so we can get more people in!

All in all, we have had a great year. From my perspective we are going really well as a church. God is moving in our lives and I have seen lots of spiritual growth in our members. Yes, we have also had our struggles and our health issues, but overall our medium sized country church has been going well.

Here’s looking forward to an even greater 2018!

God’s Richest Blessings,

Pastor Dave