Posted by Dave Quinn

Last time I led communion I shared about how Jesus set His face like flint when he turned towards Jerusalem. Today I want to stop and take the time and focus on the victories that Jesus won for us nearly 2000 years ago.

The first victory that Jesus won is the victory over sin.

The Bible tells us that we are all sinners and fall short of the glory of God and not one of us are righteous. No one can lay claim to being good enough to make it to heaven outside of Christ.  As we know when Jesus died he paid the price for our sin past, present and future. His was a once and forever sacrifice to pay the price for the sin that separates us from God. Now because we have accepted Jesus Christ into our lives as Lord and Saviour and have repented we are no longer under the judgement for our sin. The bible says we are dead for sin and alive to Christ and because we are now alive we have victory over sin.

The second victory that Jesus won is the victory over this life.

When we become born again the bible tells us that The Spirit of God is with us wherever we go and whatever we do. He guides us in our decision making and leads us in His will. Philippians 4:13 tells that we can do all things through Christ. Not just some things but all things. In other words, there is nothing we can’t do if we are in Christ Jesus and we are doing it according to His will. If we hold on to this promise of being able to do all things through Christ, victory in this life is assured.

The third victory that Jesus won is the victory over death.

As I was preparing I remembered a scene from the movie The Passion of the Christ. The devil standing at the back of the crowd when Jesus was being crucified. He was looking quite happy at the thought he had defeated Jesus by having Him put to death. He had the rulers of the day hang the very Son of God on the cross. Little did he know that he was playing a major part in fulfilling God’s plan of salvation for mankind. As we know Jesus rose on the third day and showed God has the power over death. Jesus won the victory over death and therefore we can be assured that we to will also rise to life when we our time comes to leave this life.

Right now, I would like to give you all some time to reflect on what Jesus did for you personally when He died for you. Please take this time to stop and focus on the victories He won for you that day – over sin, this life and death. After this I will ask the helpers to come forward.

God Bless,
Pastor Dave