Posted by Dave Quinn

Here is a snippet from our May newsletter…

I was reading through 2 Corinthians 9:1-15 recently. It is the section where Paul writes to the Corinthian church about their offering for the Christians in Jerusalem. As I read through this passage I noticed 10 things about being generous.

1. It inspires others to give (v2) – Paul says his boasting about their giving stirred up the other churches to think about their own giving.

2. We reap what we sow (v6) – Paul’s likens our giving to a farmer sowing seed. We reap according the the amount of seed we put in.

3. It is a choice (v7) – giving is a choice that we must consider ourselves. Paul says it can’t be under compulsion and that God loves someone who gives cheerfully.

4. Our good deeds live on (v9) – The NLT says that godly people give generously to the poor and that their good deeds will never be forgotten. See also Psalm 112:9.

5. God gives us opportunities (v10) – verse 10 tells us that God gives us the seed to share and the opportunities to be generous. We need to look out for them with expectant hearts.

6. Our generosity will grow (v11) – The result of being generous is that God will enrich our lives so much that we can give even more generously.

7. Our giving meets others needs (v12) – verse 12 says that needs of Christians in Jeruslam are met by the Corinthians. Our giving meets the needs of those around us.

8. People praise God (v12) – the people on the receiving end of our gifts praise God. It is great to know when you are able to help answer someone’s prayer to God.

9. Our gifts bring glory to God (v13) – Our gifts bring glory to God and show that we are “obedient to the Good News of Christ”.

10. We will be prayed for (v14) – verse 14 tells us that the people on the receing ends of our gifts will “pray for us with deep affection”.

I love this chapter about giving and being generous. These 10 reasons are why I am committed to a life of being generous. I want to be generous with my time, my money, my encouragement, my concern and my love for those around me.

God’s Richest Blessings,

Pastor Dave