Posted by Dave Quinn

Here is a snippet from the November newsletter…

It is hard to believe that I have already been at Bruce Rock Church of Christ for over three months. This time has flown by so quickly and it has been very enjoyable.

In my time, as Interim Pastor I was hoping to get to know most of the regular people who attend the church, preach a series on being a living sacrifice, set up a church website and Facebook page, and pray daily for the members by name.

It wasn’t until I did a report to the Elders recently that I realised these things had been done and a few more things. I have also been involved in the CRE classes at the school as a helper, been part of the over 12s Bible study group and KYB group, and started a food parcel ministry for people in need. These have been a real blessing.

Larissa and I have loved our time with you all. We would like to thank you for the way you have loved and accepted us and made us feel so welcome. We have never experienced a church with such a love for the Lord and a love for each other!

It is my hope and prayer that Larissa and I can be here for a very long time.

God’s Richest Blessings,
Pastor Dave